Katja Vartiainen

artist - painter- comic book creator
künstlerin - malerin - comic buch macherin

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Thursday's pics



It's time for Seasonal Greetings!


It's 1th of Decemeber. Time flies in WARP 10. Still doing gazillion of different projects at the same time! Still sketching the next doodle book. It will be a bit different, from the two previous ones. Less demanding if you had diffiulties of 'figuring out what to draw'. I've painted pictures to Helsinki Taidelainaamo, and Taidemaalariliiton myyntinäyttely.  And cats, for the internet shop. It's soon time to visit family and friedns , and take a break. Be kind to yourself! Thursday's pic is back on Janury 11th, 2018.

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 I still haven't decided where to put  'Elves & the Agro Adventure' out as a webcomic, a page per week.
It would be running for 2 years, so you can just go and buy it!



Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter, an illustrator, and recently a storyteller through her graphic novels. Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide cornucopia of comics, graphic novels, films, music(=everything). Her literary interests are wide and varied.

With her husband they share a taste for humor, multi-dilettantism, and they get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures.

She has dabbled in arts, illustration, teaching, upholstery, painting chairs, walls, pictures, and whatnot.


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