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News of September 11th, 2017:  My second graphic novel  'Elves Get Organized?' is LIVE! HOORAY!
Click the cover above or here's the link:  mybook.to/ElvesGetOrganized
It's availabe on Amazon, and in weeks (probably about six, from now)  as a digital version on Comixology.
To get you in the mood, check out the trailer! :


Also you can find this cute 'Buy me a coffee' button on my pages. You can donate some pennies to the creator if you feel like it! Always appreciated!

I have finsihed the German version of the 'Elves & the Agro Adventure',  and now I'm doing the same with 'Elves Get Organized'. My husband is translating it.
 It could be I'll put the 'Elves & the Agro Adventure' out as a webcomic, a page per week. It would be running for 2 years, so you can just go and buy it!

I got my copies today, so a Giveaway (enter to win a signed copy of 'Elves Get organized?')will be coming on Goodreads!!

Also I'm 'studying' Mailchimp, to build a newsletter.
One day, as well as my shop...



Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter, an illustrator, and recently a storyteller through her graphic novels. Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide cornucopia of comics, graphic novels, films, music(=everything). Her literary interests are wide and varied.

With her husband they share a taste for humor, multi-dilettantism, and they get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures.

She has dabbled in arts, illustration, teaching, upholstery, painting chairs, walls, pictures, and whatnot.


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