Katja Vartiainen   aka KatArtPics

visual artist - illustrator - t-shirt designer- comic & doodle book creator
Künstlerin - Comic & Zeichnungbücher macherin

Eager tree painting

guardian painting

Islands, saaret paintings

bear jewelry box

Jogging broccoli racerback tank top

Eye in the Sky painting

Hilma painting

Cosmic oh, Painting

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keep the devil in the hole

dear deer

wild shrubbery

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It's 14th of January, 2019

There's some new cat themed mugs at my Etsy shop, and more are coming.

Also katartpics.com has some new t-shirt/tanktop designs!
Check them out:

I've done some new watercolor paintings, which are in Finland.
Available - where?
If you click on the picture it will guide you to Taidemaalariliitto Teosvälitys 2019
or Helsingin Taiteilijaseura Taidelainaamo.
 The fotos of the paintings will be put up soon on the latter.
I also renewed my pages at Kuvataiteilijamatrikkeli (link above).

 And just as stated in Goodreads, that at the moment I am not doing literary work,
 but will - well, the same day, I actually had a great idea inspired by my husbands short film project.
 So, I AM doing a short comic, black & white- and dark. I am also writing a book, but,
 about that later.

Briar's revies has reviwed lately my Elf graphic novels! Here's the link to her blog:


Let's not forget either my fresh interview on the inspiring book
        blog 'Eclectic Moods' (ministryofmagik.blogspot.com) will be up as well!
 Here's the link:


us as elves
Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter, an illustrator,
 and a storyteller through her graphic novels.

 Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide
cornucopia of comics, graphic novels, films, music(=everything).
Her literary interests are wide and varied.

With her husband they share a taste for humor, love for cats,
and they get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures.

She has dabbled in arts, illustration, teaching, upholstery, painting chairs,
 walls, pictures, and whatnot, and is thus a self-declared multi-dilettantte.

Katja Vartiainen hat einen künstlerischen Hintergrund.
Sie ist Malerin, Illustratorin und Geschichtenerzählerin.
Ihre visuelle Inspiration bezieht sie aus den Bildenden Künsten
sowie der ganzen bandbreite von Comics, Graphic Novels (= alles).

Ihre literarischen Interessen sind weit gefächert.
Zusammen mit ihrem Mann teilt sie sich einen ähnlichen
Sinn für Humor. Sie plant weitere Geschichte und Malbücher,
und hat vor, mehr Katzen und Bilder zu malen und
selber eine Katze und zu haben.

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