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         visual artist - illustrator -- comic & doodle book creator
      Künstlerin - Comic & Zeichnungbücher macherin

Birds on the Edge
Bear & Mitten Autumn

Eager tree painting

guardian painting

Silence of the Owl


dear deer

Rainy Islands watercolor painting

Eye in the Sky


Space is the Place

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It's 8th of December, 2019!
My latest horror/legend short comic 'Bloodsucker'
 is out  as a paperback on Amazon!


It has been freshly reviewd by The Comic Book Yeti!

AND it will be coming as a digital version by Comixology.

Probably in 5? weeks, who knows.

The next horror comic is advancing well. I have some pics, for example, on Instagram.

It is still nameless, but it will also be in inks, and a bit longer.

Bloodsucker comic

I AM going to change my webpage into a more mobile friendly version.
Please have patience and turn your phone horizontal! : )

If you are interested in a work of mine you saw in social media,
and it's not listed anywhere,  don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are in Helsinki, Finland, I will have new work

taidelainaamo Vartiainen
 in Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran Taidelainaamo next year, the link is above.

I am also working on getting my paintings to the
 Taidemaalariliiton myyntinäyttely 2020.

Teosvälitys 2020

I still have plans of continue to writing a book, and other projects but, about those later.

  The Hunted: Allgovia is in post-production.
English ADR happened at the end of last month, the German
need still to be recorded.
If you missed our Halloween Special,
here it is:


hunted halloween special

We had an Indiegogo crowdfunding Campaign for 'The Hunted: Allgovia',
German spin-off to the action/comedy, original vampire series
 and feature film, 'The Hunted'   (
http://www.thehunted.tv/main_frameset.html ).

Happy and grateful that we reached 75% of our goal!

Thank You, all Supporters!
You can read the latest monthly update here:

The story continues in our Facebook group  The Hunted Allgovia on FB , Instagram The Hunted Allgovia Instagram ,
and on  http://beyond-limitations.com/

You can always, continually donate via Paypal: https://ko-fi.com/thehuntedallgovia

Here's our Youtube channel:        The Hunted Allgovia Youtube           

The Hunted Allgovia pic

About my art

I paint intuitively, mostly with watercolors, inspired by nature, and try to take my time.

I'm fascinated by the light of the paper, and the meditativeness of painting.

I call many of my paintings 'Mindscapes'.

I have also painted a series called 'Expansion', with acrylics.

These are reflections of inner and outer space, which is an recurring theme of mine.

In my art, I want to share the glimpses of the oneness of existence, that especially,

our precious nature, amplifies so well.

Awe and peace.

My paintings are visual poems. I am called to paint something.

It appears almost as by itself on the paper.

This means for me, I am in the flow.

It means I am more like a conduit, not a chosen genius.

We all have the capacity, just in different domains.

I can give some rational meaning to some parts of my paintings,

but I think the fascination is what the subconscious, or Consciousness,

depending on your world view, brings forth. I do think there are archetypes,

that direct our experience in a certain direction.

But I also think that the power of art is that the viewer finishes the artwork.

The artwork works partially as a mirror.

Reviews of my books:

The best way to read reviews of my work is on Goodreads.

Also, Briar's reviews has reviewed my Elf graphic novels. Here's the link to her blog:

Let's not forget either my fresh interview on the inspiring book
        blog 'Eclectic Moods' (ministryofmagik.blogspot.com) will be up as well!
 Here's the link:

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about me

us as elves
(This pic is cute and funny, but a bit dated already...)

us in frankfurt for dead can dance
(This on is from our 2019 Frankfurt trip to see Dead Can Dance- it was awesome!)

Katja Vartiainen has an art background. She is a painter, an illustrator,
 and through her graphic novels a storyteller.

 Her visual inspiration comes from fine arts as well as from the wide
cornucopia of books, comics, films, music(=everything).
Her literary interests are wide and varied.

With her husband they share a taste for humor, love for cats,
and they get inspired by our tragicomic planet and its curious creatures.

She has also dabbled in illustration, teaching, upholstery,
 painting chairs, walls, and whatnot.

Katja Vartiainen hat einen künstlerischen Hintergrund.
Sie ist Malerin, Illustratorin und Geschichtenerzählerin.
Ihre visuelle Inspiration bezieht sie aus den Bildenden Künsten
sowie der ganzen bandbreite von Comics, Graphic Novels (= alles).

Ihre literarischen Interessen sind weit gefächert.
Zusammen mit ihrem Mann teilt sie sich einen ähnlichen
Sinn für Humor. Sie plant weitere Geschichte und Malbücher,
und hat vor, mehr Katzen und Bilder zu malen und
selber eine Katze und zu haben.

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