bee 3   Kitchenelves Revolution

This is a sort of a true story, the ancestral legend of one group of elves residing in the forests of Europe. Of course, they have no idea what or where Europe is, and wouldn't care, if they did. These elves had always important things to do, such as lying in the hammock, drinking mead, protecting their ecology, babbling, singing, dancing, riding on mice and birds, talking politics, such as what is a better color green or orange(hey, personal is political, the elves would say if contradicted by the animals, who honestly had most of the time much more sense in them, at least they knew the difference between an opinion and a fact).

    Anyway, it could be that the gnomes brought you to this page, or tweets, or growls of werewolves. Or maybe it was their latest adventure 'Elves and the Agro Adventure'. Either way, here for the sake of elven and who-mankind is the unbelievable tale of
Kitchenleves Revolution!

Kitchenelves revolution cover
k elves inner cover
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viva la revolucion

I look at this creation with empathy for myself back then. So eager, so little knowledge. I hadn't done hardly.any digital drawing before.
The drawings were scans, and I then worked on them with this tiny, wornout drawing tablet I had gotten from our friend.
I think I drew the line art over the scans, sort of inked. And the colors- well, I filled them with bucket and wonderd why they didn't really fill up, so corrected all by hand... After the project was finished, I was certain that I had missed something and started to educate myself from Youtube.

Thank you all the comic creators, who give info about it! You have saved my life! The next book (Elves & the agro Adventure) went already better, even though I had had a pause from drawing and was using a Wacom not a Cintiq. In the third one, Elves Get Organized? I learned how to do decent speech bubbles, and now they come pretty easily in Clip Art Paint.

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