recent paintings

My original paintings are on :  and  in Finland:

former paintings

guardian painting

Guardian, 20,2x 13,3cm, watercolor, 2018, s

birds of pray painting

Birds of Pray, watercolor,13,3 x 18cm, 2018

wild shrubbery painting

Wild Shrubbery, watercolor, 12 x12cm, 2018, s

dear deer painting

Dear Deer, watercolor, 12 x12cm, 2018, s

Keep the Devil down in the hole

Keep the Devil Down in the Hole, watercolor, 12 x 12cm, 2018

Hilma painting

Hilma, 40 x 30cm, 2018, Expansion -series
This series is on

Cosmic Oh

Cosmic Oh, 40 x 30cm, 2018, Expansion -series

Eye in the Sky,  about A5, acrylic on canvas board, 2018, Expansion -series

space is the place

Space is the Place, acrylic on canvas board, 30 x 40cm, 2018, Expansion -series

Jungle Jive

Jungle Jive, 22,4 x 30cm, watercolor, 2018

bue bonzai blue birds watercolor

Blue Bonzai, Blue Birds, 23 x 31cm,
watercolor, 2018

blue forest watercolor painting

Blue Forest, A3, watercolor, 2018

Eager Tree watercolor

Eager Tree, 23 x 31cm,watercolor, 2018

Stones & Stuff

Stones & Stuff, A3, watercolor,2018,  (this is actually the print version, original coming soon)

Plants watercolor

Plush Plants, 23 x 31cm, 2018, watercolor,

Blue moon

Blue Moon, 14 x 18,4cm, 2017, watercolor, s


Harvest,14 x 18,4cm, 2017, watercolor s

Joy painting

Joy, 14 x 18,4cm, 2017, watercolor s

chair in mountains

Chair in the Mountains, 20 x 29cm, 2017, watercolor


Islands, 20 x 29cm, 2017, watercolor (Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran Taidelainaamossa)

pagoda painting

Pagoda, 20 x 29cm, 2017, watercolor

connection painting

Connection, 20 x 29cm, 2017, watercolor (


Tree 1, 30 x 40cm, 2016, watercolor, s


4 Trees, 58 x 65cm, 2016
, watercolor s

Unelmatehdas Dreamfactory

 Dreamfactory, 12 x 12cm, watercolor, 2017 s

Kevat Spring

 Spring, 12x12cm, wcolor, 2017 s


Nature (Avara luonto) 12 x 12cm, wcolor, 2017  s

Yellow tree watercolor

A Tree, wcolor,  30 x 40cm, 2016


Tree 3, 29 x 41cm, 2017 s


Spacescape, 29 x 40cm, 2017 s


 Sunrise, 80 x 80cm, oil, 2016

s= sold